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Footings & Pile Caps

Precast Pile Caps / Footings and Precast Shallow Grade Beams for Building Foundations.

The advantages of doing Precast Pile Caps / Footings and Precast Shallow Grade Beams in Precast concrete are simple. There is no pouring onsite, lending itself to the quick construction. With the option of prestressing / conventional reinforcement, AP Infrastructure Solutions LP can offer longer, thinner sections.

These products can be bolted, welded or joined by a pour (wet) connection.


Features & Benefits:

  • Speed of Construction

  • Prestressed / conventional reinforcement

  • Design Assistance; engineered in-house

  • Capability of producing a range of sizes

  • AP Infrastructure Solutions LP offers larger pieces than other producers


While Precast Pile Caps are typically used in industrial applications, our Precast Shallow Grade Beams are used in a variety of applications across building segments.

Manufactured year-round, in a controlled environment.

Offered at our facilities across Canada. Contact us today. 

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