Your Precast Partner in Western Canada

Deck Slab Panels

Strong precast deck slabs for long span bridge construction

- Strength and endurance of precast
- Engineered in-house to suit project planning, scheduling and specifications
- Low maintenance

Part of a bridge construction solution - custom designed and segmental, these slabs build bridge decks for long spans (100m or more). Our slabs are manufactured and prestressed in controlled factory conditions, which ensures the durability, cost effectiveness and low-maintenance benefits of precast concrete. Our in-house Engineering Department is available to assist in your project planning, scheduling and specifications.

Rapid bridge construction for the Bus Rapid Transit in Calgary:

  • With both the girders and bridge deck now in place for the 2 Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) bridges, the Southeast side of the City of Calgary is now one step closer to more efficient and reliable...MORE

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